Here we go…

Csound is a software system for audio and music creation that has roots that go back at least 20 years. It consists of literally thousands of components, utilities, front-ends, compilers, documents and examples.

But due to its great age, largely academic provenance, and free/volunteer nature of the code, it can be extremely daunting to get into. There are many tutorials and documents to help guide the newcomer, a good messageboard/forum to read, and a helpful community of users and developers to draw from. But all that notwithstanding, I found it and am still finding it to have quite a steep learning curve.

That’s where this blog comes in. I’m going to document the steps I have taken and am taking to try to get this monster at least partially tamed. Unfortunately due to the way the blog works, the “Steps” will read from top to bottom in reverse order. Maybe there’s some way around that but I am too lazy/haven’t had the time to check it out.

As desirable as it would be, it would be obviously impossible to have this contain information of equal interest and usefulness to everyone. Everyone has different backgrounds, applications and motivations to be interested in Csound (and things like it).


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