A little reorganization and…where the *@&$! is the forum???

OK, I figured out how to make a hierarchy of permanent pages. Check out the panel on the right which will show what I’ve written so far about first steps in Csound. I’ve also started adding links to other blogs and websites that are probably better than this one.

One thing I’d like to share with you today that I discovered by research that you won’t have to do now is: where are the Csound user and developer discussion forums??? This caused me some head scratching at first, since the “forum” section of Csounds.com is practically unused. Well, for some reason, the most important Csound forums appear to be at nabble.com ( http://www.nabble.com/Csound-f480.html )

This is another one of those “folklore issues” I refer to elsewhere. It’s just the kind of thing that people “get used to.”


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