…Lighting a candle

I posted a link to my (well-meaning) gripes about the Csound examples/ subdirectory and got some great responses on the Csound forums (http://www.nabble.com/Csound-f480.html)

If you’re already past the point where you have the basics of Csound running (i.e., you can play an orchestra and score, and/or create a sound file output from them), there are really a good wealth of tutorials and help files all over, particularly on csounds.com (start with http://www.csounds.com/toots/index.html)

Do note however that on the “Other tutorials” page http://www.csounds.com/tootsother/index.html two of the five English links are broken (!) but this is just a result of the enormous size and complexity of the Csound universe.


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