Csound manual: 2385 pages

This totally boggled my brain. The PDF of the reference manual for Csound 5.06 (available here) is 2385 pages! At first I thought that was a typo, but I downloaded the file and it sure is.

So that ought to provide even the most ambitious user with plenty of fodder for a long time.

I just got done reading a little of the frontmatter to this manual; on pages xxxi to xxxiii is “Getting Started with Csound” which is a really good beginners’ introduction. Highly recommended.

The manual is also online in HTML format. The “Getting Started” section is at
this URL.

Incidentally, I was having some anomalies in running csound5gui and such, but I installed Csound 5.06 and Python 2.5.1 and the system seems to be behaving itself much better.

I was also having some problems with CsoundVST. I would exit that application, but when I went to shut down my system, Windows would complain that CsoundVST was still running. This problem didn’t seem to create any others, but it was just something to note.


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