The most famous piece of computer music…

….is probably the huge sound effect that plays in the movie theater when the THX logo comes on. Well, maybe it’s not really a piece of music as a sound effect, or more properly an audio logo.

Going through the Csound instrument demos files, I found one by Hans Mikelson which is supposedly intended to show the grain opcode. But when you render it it sounds exactly like the THX sound. It cuts off sort of abruptly at the end (it’s only :08 long), and takes an ungodly amount of CPU time. Anyway here it is.

As a pedagogical exercise I’ve been analyzing the file to eliminate unused code, try the grain3 and granule opcodes, etc., but I haven’t got that done yet. When I do I’ll post updates here

It appears that the score statement after the e is leftover from something.

N.B. The two calls to grain are not redundant (i.e., not the same as computing aoutl and then setting aoutr = aoutl) since each call to grain uses a different random number.

Added 2000717: I moved the code over to:“Deep Note” version 1 Csound program (this will open the example in a new browser window).


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  1. I hadn’t heard this one before, but I did do a version of the “Deep Note” driven by script-generated scores here:

    which may be of interest.


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