More on “Deep Note”

First of all, thanks to Steven Yi for his comment on the previous post about Deep Note (the THX sound). For those of you who don’t know, he’s a Csound master and author of a timeline based composition environment for Csound called Blue (see

Meanwhile I’ve continued my experimentation with the Hans Mikelson instrument gran2. The problem with it was that it took 180 seconds to compute 8 seconds of stereo output, so tweaking it was a slow process. I decided to try using a newer opcode called “grain3” (introduced in Csound 4.15). I guessed the right parameters to use more or less and ran it, and it sounds pretty good. It runs essentially in real time with less than a 50% CPU usage on a Celeron 2.2GHz. (The csd file is appended below.)

I still need to tweak some parameters and envelopes on it as well, but at the moment it’s a very promising approach. It’s quite different in design from what I read in the article pointed to by Steven, but I supposed that will make sense later.

Incidentally, I have been struggling to get Csound programs to look right in WordPress, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it.

In the WordPress FAQ they mentioned a very cool site called pastebin ( This is a site that allows you to post chunks of code that other people can read. I created a “private” pastebin called that I’ll use to point to my examples and snippets.

So here’s where you can see my take on grain3.


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