Red Bull Music Academy

This is something I stumbled on a few years ago, after seeing a link in the Ableton Live forum.

Red Bull of course is the ubiquitous energy drink. Mixed with vodka (“the Vodka Bully”) it used to be particularly popular with some club goers. (I personally think it tastes a little foul; I much prefer something like Sobe’s Energy Lean Diet Citrus.)

Anyway, several years ago, Red Bull developed a workshop for up and coming producers and musicians. Each year, they send a team to a different city, find a warehouse or building downtown, and transform it into a high tech music production lab, studio and schoolhouse.

In the spring, they accept applications from musicians and producers from everywhere in the world, choose two groups of 2o or so, and then invite them for the seminar, paying all travel, board and lodging expenses. The seminar is usually in October or early November.

Yes, you read that right. It is completely free of charge for the selected applicants!

I applied a couple years but unsurprisingly was not selected. They haven’t said exactly, but I believe the number of applications they get is in the low thousands. And let’s face it; my best years are in the past, so I don’t begrudge the fact they are more inclined to pick younger people with potential.

Anyway, you should check out their website; it’s chock full of video tutorials and other interested information from the past several years of the Academy. This year it’s planned for Toronto.

If you’re young and ready to set the world on fire, do consider applying next year. If I were 30 years younger, I’d send in the application every year. After all, it’s free to apply, except the postage to send the package to their office in Germany.


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