Brain exploding…

I thought it would be a good idea to go through all 3 of the Csound Book CDs and rationalize the directory structure, naming convention, etc. This has been hugely messy. There are tutorials which are duplicated on two of the CDs (sometimes with different versions); extra copies of the Csound ezine, files that only work on Macs or old obsolete Unix systems and so forth.

To give one example: all the audio samples that the example pieces on CD 3 need are in one directory with names like soundin.1, soundin.2, etc. The problem is that there may be more than one piece that asks for a soundin.1–so I’m trying to rename them more sensibly. There are also instruments and compositions that repeat amongst the CDs. The directory structure is a real mess. There are html files that can be run completely locally, some that refer to URLs on the Internet (some of which might be moved or gone now), and worse than that, some which refer to local and net URLs indiscriminately. I know that the paradigm now is that all computers are always hooked up to the Net 100% of the time but that still makes me uneasy. Maybe it’s my age.

Anyway, I want to get to a point where all the data on those CDs is easy to find and makes sense. For one thing, I’m combining all Csound, audio and sample files in the same place. (For instance, if there’s an orc/sco pair called grundle.orc/.sco, sample files for it and a sample rendering, I’m giving them all the same names so that the directory might contain

16.11-grundle.mp3 (example rendering of the piece)
16.11-grundle-1.aiff (input files for GEN01, etc.)

I’ve griped before about the comments, so I’m adding them in as I figure them out.


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