Csound version 5.12 released

As of Sept 2010 there are packages for Csound 5.12 (again, I’m  focusing on built Windows versions) available at your neighborhood SourceForge download site. Try this URL:


I have to confess I haven’t tried this version yet. Check the discussion board at nabble to see how other people are doing with it.

The OSX 10.4 and 10.5 binaries have been there since June, and of course for the completely masochistic there is always the source code which you can build as you wish.

QuteCsound is at version 0.6.0 at this point as well, and just getting more functional and more stable all the time.

Here are the Release Notes for 5.12 so you don’t have to download them yourself.

New Opcodes:

  • transegr — MIDI aware version of transeg
  • passign — initialise variables from p fields
  • crossfm — See the Csound Journal
  • loopxseg — like loopseg but with exponential envelope
  • looptseg — like loopseg but with flexible envelope like transeg
  • modmatrix — routing and scaling of k-rate signals using sparse matrix optimization

New Gen:

Modified Opcodes and Gens:

  • p5glove changed to use a separate thread to avoid timeout problem
  • transeg checks argument counts
  • sfload used to be limited to 10 sound fonts and was not policed.
  • Now open-ended

Bugs fixed:

  • pvsshift would overwrite in double mode
  • pan2 case 3 fixed
  • tempoval now works
  • clockon/clockoff now work again
  • cross2 could have divided by zero
  • interpol could have divided by zero

System Changes:

  • linecount no longer includes .csoundrc
  • \” allowed as an escape in orchestral strings
  • New parser fixed on optional arguments
  • better checking of f statement with negative number

new functions AddSpinSample, GetSpoutSample, ChanIKSetValue,
ChanOKGetValue, ChanIASetSample and ChanOAGetSample to access
individual samples


  • soundfonts only initialise pitches array once
  • usual collection of gratuitous minor changes, layout and comments
  • and minor speedups

Notes from 5.07 release back in 2007

A big change is that a “VST instrument” is no longer included in the distribution; appears to have something to do with licensing the VST SDK from Steinberg or something. In any case, if you go back to an earlier version like 5.06 CsoundVST.dll is included.

I still can’t make that work in the two VSTi hosts I tried: Cantabile and Live 6. It detects the VST, but when I try to load it I get a Windows XP error. The guy who developed CsoundVST was more interested in using it on Cubase, so understandably he was more interested in compatibility with it.


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