New minor ChucK version ( released

I have raved about ChucK in other entries. They are continuing to fix bugs and tweak it but no major new functionality has been added.

An enterprising ChucKer has created a tool that allows you to read and write data files from within ChucK. This capability hasn’t been implemented in the language yet, but is of great value to people like me who need separation between synthesis and playlists. There is discussion of this and it can be downloaded within this discussion thread:

I’m sure I’ve posted the link several times, it’s still at

On the release page, the developers make this apology:

the Dracula (1.2.x.x) release is yet unoptimized and may suck all blood and life from your computer (anticipate spectacular crashes and other bloody disasters)…

But in my experience it’s really amazingly stable considering its power and relative youth as a system.

The release notes for the new version are in the release itself. I’m not sure if they’re available anywhere else on the www, if so I haven’t located them. So I am presenting them below.

These are the changes from version to present (note that there was no version!) It seems there were fairly major fixes and new tools added in, and only some minor changes to

- (fixed) ctrl-c no longer causes crash on shutdown (was due to memory deallocation bug)
- (fixed) incorrect code generation for multiple expressions in 3rd clause of for loops (thanks to Eduard for tracking!)
- (fixed) Envelope now is able to ramp down (contributed by Kassen, Dr. Spankenstein, kijjaz, and others on electro-music!)
- (added) Unit Analyzers (UAna: prounced U-Wanna, plural UAnae)
(primary creators: Rebecca and Ge) provides support for spectral processing, information retrieval, generalized + precise audio analysis
- (added) new datatypes:complex: (real,imaginary), polar: (modulus, phase); both used by UAnae
- (added) new UAna's:(authors: Rebecca and Ge)
FFT: Fast Fourier Transform
IFFT: Inverse FFT
Centroid: Centroid feature extractor
Flux: Flux feature extractor
RMS: RMS feature extractor
RollOff: RollOff feature extractor
- (added) capability to externally abort "infinite loop" shreds
(this deals with hanging shreds due to potentially infinite loops that don't advance time)
- (added) OTF command: chuck --abort.shred sends network OTF to server to remove current shred if there is one
- (added) default .toString() method to all Object's
- (added) adding an Object to string will first cast object to string;
then add the two
- (added) LiSa.duration() get method, and .voiceGain() set/get
(Dan Trueman)
- (added) alternate line comment: <-- same as //
SinOsc s => dac; <-- here is a comment
- (fixed) NullPointerException when instantiating array of objects
containing arrays of objects
(thanks to chuck-users!!)
- (fixed) Machine.remove() on parent shred id no longer crashes
- (fixed) Machine.remove() on 'me' now works correctly
- (fixed) rounding when writing files via WvOut
(thanks to Chris Chafe for discovering and reporting this)
- (changed) default frequencies (220/440) added for various STK instruments
(there is no version!)

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