Xmas in November

Inside the CoolTech PC

(…not anything to do with Csound, yet…)

After waiting patiently, and considering the cost, I was looking forward to receiving my newly built system from CoolTech PC. It arrived earlier this month and to a 95% level it is everything I hoped for. Compared to my old system it is whisper silent. If I get down on the floor (where I’ve installed it into my rack) I can hear it humming quietly away, but both the level of the sound and its frequency range are far better than the system I built, hoping it to be quiet, back in 2003.

It came with Windows loaded on and everything set up fine. I have to confess that, through no fault of CoolTech PC, I’m having a little trouble getting Ableton Live 7 installed on it.

I’m hoping it’s a (simple) user error but I’m embarassed to be having them since I’ve been a loyal Live user since version 2!


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