Cscore? Don’t waste your time

At first this sounded interesting: an API and subset of C that would allow you to write programs to generate Csound scores. There’s even a big chapter of it in the “CD-ROM Chapters” version of the Csound book.

As mentioned elsewhere, this is a desirable function since to laboriously write a score line by line is only feasible for the simplest of pieces or the most obsessive of musician programmers.

Cscore looked fairly cool until I realized that, once you write your Cscore program, you actually have to COMPILE it with a C compiler! This is obviously way too much work, particularly now that you can use something like Python to do this trivially (see the Csound tutorial.)

Cscore is still part of the Csound distribution; certainly you don’t want to break something that old pieces may have relied on, but I can’t think of any reason at all why someone would want to use it now. If I’m missing something entirely I will be glad to correct myself.

So I’ve wasted some time so you don’t have to. You’re welcome…


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