Hacks and cruft: SciTE, Csedit, csound5gui…

SciTE (Scintilla Text Editor) is nice for looking at and writing clean Csound code. It does opcode and comment highlighting and has good basic editing features. You can customize it with a properties file. It has a neat “Go” feature that lets you actually run a program and see the output in another window. BUT ON THE OTHER HAND for some reason, running any but the simplest Csound piece really hogs the CPU, and can cause crackling and distortion.

The Csound Editor (Csedit.exe) is not being supported anymore. It also has syntax highlighting and a number of other cool features, such as a command to create a csd file out of an orc and sco file in the current directory/folder. It has an option to launch a csound instance in a shell window, but unfortunately on Windows, after the piece runs the window disappears…which make it difficult to examine the performance log. Well, impossible, actually.

Finally there’s csound5gui. This is a pretty cool little tool. It has an simple integrated editor, and allows you to run csd or orc/sco file pairs. It does have a window for printing messages which is handy. For simple running of smaller pieces that don’t require extensive editing it’s a good choice.


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