ChucK meets Csound

I also have experimented with converting a Csound instrument (#1706) to ChucK which seemed to work:

I had to upload the files with .doc format since I’m using this free blog software. Hopefully you can decode them.


This is really a zip archive I renamed with a .doc extension so I could upload it in wordpress. It has the original csound files, and my chuck version.

Some months ago, there was a great discussion on the ChucK discussion list ( called “One-line ChucK Crazy.” People contributed their own tiny ChucK programs to make interesting sounds/music as long as it fit on only one line.

One of the most active and creative contributors to the list is user “kijjaz” from Thailand. He submitted an amazing little program that used three oscillators hooked up in an FM configuration that created a bizarre drone if left to run for several minutes (or longer).

I’ve been tinkering with that algorithm, and want to experiment with various parameters and variables. And as an exercise, I’m also going to try to rewrite it as a Csound instrument.

I don’t have the Csound .orc finished yet, so I’m just going to give the ChucK program here. If you don’t know about ChucK, you need to learn! See other posts on this blog for pointers.

Note once again that I had to upload the file with a “.doc” extension to make wordpress happy. I don’t think ChucK cares very much what the file is named that you launch, but for consistency I always name executable ChucK programs with a .ck



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