Holy cow…the Mac G3 still works.

Digging into the tim p scott archives, I found a CD-R from 1996 or so that I wanted to look at. I wrote it back when I was using MacOS, and it wasn’t readable under Windows, which I’ve been using exclusively for several year.

I did save my ADB keyboard and the display adaptor (so I could plug it into a standard VGA display). I blew the dust off it, plugged everything in, and pressed the power key. Lo and behold, it started right up (“*!chime!*”). And I was able to read the disk I wanted. I also cruised around and was actually able to bring up old PageMaker 6 versions of the CD artwork of the first tim p scott release (“Jack of Shadows”) so I could put the PDF of the insert poster online…Hopefully I’ll be able to do that in the CCMW blog/website now that I’ve bought the media/space/CSS upgrades from WordPress.

Anyway, I was just pleased that the old Mac still runs. I was worried that leaving it sit there, the hard drive would be frozen or maybe an internal battery would have run down and it wouldn’t start up (I know some of the older Macs I had had that problem.)


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