QuteCsound and blue experiences…

Browsing through the Nabble Csound forum, I see frequent mentions of the Csound frontend QuteCsound. A version 0.4.1 was recently announced so I thought I’d plunge in. I added some notes about my current experiences trying to get this to run on my Windows XP system which you can read about here .
The frontends I’ve been using have all been partially OK, but no single one really fills the bill for me.
A very powerful system, really incorporating a timeline for musical events and everything, is Steven Yi’s blue, which I’ll set up a page for separately. But for now I just want to get some placeholders down for adding to as I find out.
I regard myself as a typical Csound “hobbyist” level. Amateur, not connected with any academic institution, some background and knowledge of software synthesis and electronic music.

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