Well, welcome to 2013. Life intervenes, etc. When I can write, I still use Ableton Live pretty much 100% of the time. Sometimes I idly wonder when my stalwart music system (still running Windows XP like a tank) is going to fade out and require me to replace it… until them I’m just going to keep using it and backing things up like mad.

I fired up the Mac G3 recently and it still perks along well. It gives me a nice feeling that I can reach back into old MIDI work from the 1990s – 2000s.

I haven’t been tracking Csound and Chuck very well the last couple years. I was unemployed for a while (guess when my blogs got most attention) but now working full time again takes precedence. I did buy Machine Musicianship by Robert Rowe and am studying that with a view to trying some music composition programming in Python.


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