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Update April 2015

Somehow this blog/website is suddenly 4 years old without much being changed… Evaluating the amount of time I have to spend on the experimental side of computer music has sidetracked my Csound work. In any case I’m going to leave this content here with an apology for its age, there’s just some small chance there will be something useful in it to someone toiling in the mines of Csound.


The main purpose of this site is to try to help the feckless, the despondent, the hopeless and the overwhelmed musician, programmer, and/or composer who wants to learn about the Csound audio and music software system. But along the way I’m probably going to spin off at random in all directions as the spirit moves me.

As mentioned in the first posting, my problem with Csound was that there is too much information, rather than too little. So in my small way, I’m going to provide a travelogue of my journeys through the Land of Csound.

On the way, we’ll probably encounter a lot of other lands and peoples: things with names like Blue, Cecilia, nabble, CornBucket, QuteCsound and weirder things. But hopefully on the way you’ll be able to experience the awesomeness and maybe find you now have the tools create your musical Magnum Opus (or Opii? Opia? Opium???)

Meanwhile, I’m also probably going to meander about my personal musical journey, software synthesis, use of computers in music, and whatever else comes to mind. Organization and linearity are not my strongest points.

Still not too sure about this site’s structure. Right now I have a regular page hierarchy of tutorial stuff, and am dumping other random thoughts into the blog section. Things are always subject to change.

Disclaimer: I am not connected with the Csound developers in any way, all opinions are my own and I am willing to correct errors of fact if informed of them. Furthermore don’t take anything I write here as gospel or even likely until you try it yourself: “Your Mileage May (And Probably Will) Vary.”

last modified 20110112


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  1. Thanks for your articles. Csound is daunting and frustrating but I keep going back for the microscopic detail and infinite combinations. I’m glad to be able to find help when I get stuck.

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