Step 1: Installing Csound on your Windows system

Here’s where you can get the Csound 5.11 installation package for Windows. (It does appear to work on Windows 7 as well as Vista and XP, as far as I can tell)

Older versions, and versions for Linux and Mac can also be found here:

As of this writing, 5.12 has been released, but I don’t think there are Windows installation files yet.

The installation is fairly simple. It will install about 2000 files (50 MB worth) in C:\Program Files\Csound by default. (Don’t be alarmed; the /doc subdirectory is 20 MB of that.)

The installation will also create a menu true under the Start menu button.

(This page used to say “install on Windows XP system, but that looked a little out of date by now.)

Page#32/last modified 20100503


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