Part 7: Back to the Olde Skool 2007-2009

Over the years, besides countless software sequencers and editors and soft synths, I’ve looked at all kinds of other tools to do algorithmic composition. As I’ve written elsewhere in this blog, two that I keep coming back to are Csound and Chuck. Since my last CD in 2006, even though I’ve been happy with later compositions, in the back of my mind I’ve been worrying as to whether I was starting to write the same songs over and over. So I’ve dived back into those (open-source) tools to see if I could make them do something that I would consider interesting. Other people sure have, so it must be just a matter of application…

The problem is time, as usual. When you spend 90% of your time working to pay the bills and put food in the cupboard, when you have a few minutes to work on projects, you naturally want to optimize your time.

Commercial products (like Ableton Live and other DAWs/sequencers) provide you with a cornucopia of tools. When you sit down with Csound or ChucK, you start with basically a blank slate and have to start writing lines of code. At least as a beginner. I suppose after many years of using one of those systems, you assemble your own library of tools which you can re-use without having to re-invent  them over and over.

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