The Amsterdam Catalog

What is the Amsterdam Catalog? This is a collection of Csound instruments which are great for using, research, and learning.

You can find it on the web at this URL.

From its own description:

The Amsterdam Catalog v1.2 includes approximately 80 documented Csound instruments, amongst which all of Jean-Claude Risset’s 25 Bell Lab Catalog instruments and ca. 55 other instruments focussing on various aspects of Software Sound Synthesis (SWSS). All instruments have been programmed adopting one style, with strong emphasis on documentation and transparency. The corpus of instruments is systematically subdivided into a hierarchy of main groups and subgroups according to synthesis technique or topic.

The problem is I wanted to have this on my own music computer without having to be connected to the internet. The catalog was included on a CD that came with the Csound Book (see page above this one) but the links were broken. I wrote a Python program to fix this and if you’re interested let me know and I’ll point you at a zip file available with the working directory tree of html and audio files.

# python script to fix the names in accci tree 
import os, re 
# put your path to accci in the following line: 
root_dir = 'C:/Documents and Settings/.../CSound book CD 1/instruments/accci' 
for root, dir, file in os.walk ( root_dir ): 
    cwd = os.path.normpath(root) 
    print len(root), len(dir), len(file), cwd 
    os.chdir (cwd) 
    for fname in file: 
# look for files with names of the form 
# (any characters)(orc|sco|gif|txt)(.html) 
        result = re.match ( '(.*)(orc|sco|gif|txt).html', fname) 
        if ( result ): 
            newname ="."".html" 
            print "old=", fname, "new=", newname 
            os.rename (fname, newname)

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